Integrate Adhoc reports in third party product using IFRAME

What are the ways for integrating Adhoc reports in third party products. I read you can use iframe but i am unable to do this. I got the sample EFW file (demo url from working but not my adhoc report.

Hi Sanjeev,

Each and every resource (report, dashboard, adhoc report) and functionality of Helical Insight is having a separate URL. These URL can be used inside iFrame for integration purpose.

For ad-hoc reports integration, you can open file browser and navigate to this adhoc report and right click on it and open it in new window. After this, you can copy the URL for integration purpose. IP might have to be changed and also in the URL login id and password information will also have to be passed.
Further token mechanism in encrypted format can be used if more security needs to be applied without sharing the userid and password inside URL

This blog will be a good read. Let us know if you still face any problem