How to integrate and use HI inside our application?

Hi team,

We are evaluating HI community edition to be integrated inside our application. We do not want to use the file formats like EFW. We need to persist the metadata information in SQL and want to read the same from it. And also, we are not interested in loading HI inside iFrame. Please let us know is there a way to do the same above with HI.

Hi Vas,
For embedding there are other methods of integration also like HTML5 embed tags, HTML5 object tags, webservices apart from iframe. If you use iframe and if security is concern then tokenization of user and password can be done.

Regarding the other question (its not very clear), in EFWD file we maintain the dbconnection and sqlqueries. If you have any more questions we can setup a call also. For the same you can send an email to

Hey Team,

thank you for the answer. We are trying to do the same with our community. for the moment security is not a concern, since we will implement everything in the internal network.

What would be the optimal way to integrate a read only report on the company page?

Can you help me with the steps?

  1. create metadata/report with admin and share it with some non-login-user?
  2. fetch the report-URL and include it with iframe? Where do I get the report-URL for the non-authenticated user from?

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