How to get concatenated result / data set in three different lines?

Hi Team Helical,

I am having data like First Name in first column, second name is second column and type of travel in the third column.
In the fourth column I would like to have concatenated result of all the three columns but every data set should come in new line. That is first name should come in first line, second name should come in second line and the travel type should come in the third line. How is that possible?

I am using Helical Insight enterprise edition 3.1 GA

Thank You.

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Hello Marc,

You can drag the first three columns and see the data. Then create a custom column.

In the custom column put the below
('Name : ’ || EMPLOYEE_NAME || ‘
’ || 'City : ’ || ADDRESS || ‘
’ || 'Type : ’ || TRAVEL_TYPE)

Then the result will appear like the below.

Note : Syntax of Concatenation might vary based on the database being used.

Thank You,
From Team Helical.