How to edit report after creation?

Hi ! I’m wondering how to open and edit an already created report in the “Reports” view.
I can open a metadata file in this view, but not a report. I can only open a report from the Dashboard creator. Why ?
Actually, to change only the visualization from let’s say an array to a bar chart, I need to open metadata, drag columns, and set all the settings again before saving the report.

Do you know a more convenient way to do it ?

Hello KyronNextLevel,

To open any report which was already created and do some changes, We have to open the File Browser by clicking on the Home tab not click on Reports.

  1. Click on Home tab then go to File Browser
  2. Then from file browser select the folder in which you have saved your report, then select the report and right click where you will find an option to edit the report. The Report will open in Editor.

Please note that the file browser content will change based on the URL on which you are opening it.

For example, when you open on the Home Page, you can view all types of files, i.e., Metadata, Report, Dashboards, Scheduled Reports, etc.

If you open it in metadata-create.html, you will be able to see only Metadata files.


Thank You
Helical Team

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