How to avoid sharing the datasource to each organization/users?

Hello Team,

I am using SSO for my users to get access to Helical Insight reports and dashboards. I have put the reports and metadata into a Public Folder so that it is visible to all users. The application requires that the datasource connection needs to be shared with the user so that he can see the data. In a multi-tenant environment, the organisations, users and roles are defined dynamically by my parent application. How can I avoid sharing the datasource explicitly to each organisation/user created on my application?

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Hello Marc,

In order to share the data source connection with all the users, go to globalconnections.xml file present at location: \hi-repository\System\Admin and edit this file.
This file contains a list of all the data source connections that have been established and parameters related to the connections. After each connection detail, you will see a <security> tag. This tag defines who has created the connection. If you have shared the data source connection, you will also be able to see a tag inside which the sharing conditions are defined.

Delete the lines of code between <security> and </security> tags and <share> and </share> tags. Save the file. Refresh the data sources page. For this particular data source connection, you will see that the Share and Edit buttons are disabled.

Login with any user, you will be able to see the data source is shared with read-only permission.

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Team Helical