How can I integrate adhoc interface of Helical Insight (including the selection of Metadata) into my application?


I am using Helical Insight 1.0.1 and want to integrate the adhoc feature into my application, which would allow me to directly drag n drop the columns. I have referred to the following blog :
But what i get is this :

File browser is opened and Metadata is needed to be selected. But what I want is a interface having no need to select the metadata. It should show me the columns that can directly be used for creating a report.


Hello Sir/Madam,

Please follow below mentioned steps to open adhoc interface with preselected metadata :

Step 1: Get the path and file name of the metadata you want to pass to adhoc report create, to get the path and file name of the metadata follow below steps

1.Click on the file browser


2.Open the metadata which you want to pass to report create.

3.Right click on the metadata to open the context menu and click on the properties


4.Now note down the the path and the file name of the metadata.


Here ,

dir : 1463377807724\1463377836985\

File: e9be6771-995b-40eb-a01c-304857a100a1.metadata

Step 2: Now Pass the metadata dir and filename to adhoc report create url.



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-Helical Insight Team