How can i implement stored procedure result as metadata and generate report based on it

Hello Helical Team,

It’s great tool implemented by you no doubt in it.

But as per our development goes on there is SP [stored procedures] that generate data for report, and we are converting them to data-table and show it to user.

Could we go on same way and generate meta + report run time based on that data table ???

if yes please provide some guideline how can i implement it.

Could any one have ans. for this?

Hi Martand,

Sorry for the late response. You will not be able to use the adhoc method in which you create a meta data and create reports. Instead, you can use EFW method of report creation for using stored procedures. For more information on EFW method of Report creation, refer to the HI Community edition usage section in technical documentation on the website:

-Helical Insight Team