HelicalInsight CE + mongodb


Could you please tell whether it is possible to use mongodb as datasource from CE and if it is then how ?
Guides I’ve found that suggest to use apache-drill/etc don’t help, because steps described there concern EE edition.


Yes, It is possible to use mongodb as datasource from CE using apache drill. We need to create plain JDBC connection at the community report. In the plain JDBC connection we will provide connection details to the Apache Drill. Apache drill will be connected to MongoDB server. In this way, we can connect to mongo server using CE.

Refer to the below image to understand how to make connection via Plain JDBC.

Also FYI below are generally the details for Apache driver when you make a connection, the port no username password etc can be different. Below is just for your reference.

url : jdbc:drill:drillbit=localhost:31010
driver : org.apache.drill.jdbc.Drive