Helical Insight open source installation

Hi Team,
Can you please help me to setup helical insight environment.


Hi Naushad,

Please follow the below steps to install Helical Insight community edition:

  1. Install Java 1.8 SDK from here.
  2. Install Apache Tomcat 7 from here.
  3. Download the community edition of Helical Insight from Github. You will receive a .war file.
  4. Stop Apache Tomcat server
  5. Place .war file of Helical Insight within webapps folder of Apache Tomcat.
  6. Start Apache Tomcat server. A folder with hi-ce will be automatically created with all folders.

Default path to access in the browser is localhost:8080/hi-ce

Please refer to the detailed installation guide available at https://helicalinsight.github.io/helicalinsight/#/quickstart

Team Helical