Grouped bar chart showing wrong data

Hello Team Helical,

I am using Helical Insight 3.1 enterprise edition version. I am using grouped bar chart. However the data getting plotted on the chart is wrong.

Thank You

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Hello Kevin,

In case if you are having is in such a way that there is no data for certain grouping then this shifting happens. For example in the below you can see there is no data for Rohan -> International and in cases like these there will be wrong data. This is a known issue.


In case if you are having such kind of data you can basically use the GroupedVF chart which we are sharing here.
You can go through this link to learn how to use VF chart.

Note: While adding the VF make sure that there is no “chart customization” applied or there is no JS CSS applied. If applied remove them and then only use this VF chart.
You can also open this file in notepad++ and make changes in this chart like colors, legends, labels etc. (1.6 KB)

Thank You.
From Team Helical