EFWServiceException with Mongo Helical Insight

Hello Team,

I am trying to connect to Mongo using Apache drill option of Helical Insight. I have made the configurations, however we are getting the below error

There was a problem in serving the request. The cause is EfwServiceException: Could not obtain cache.
com.helicalinsight.efw.exceptions.EfwServiceException: Could not obtain cache

What could be the problem?

Thank You

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Hello Vetegoc,
This error might be happening because of Mongo settings at Apache Drill level. Wherever you have installed drill navigate to the options page: direct URL would be something like this

When this page is opened please make sure that the below settings are applied

exec.enable_union_type : TRUE

store.mongo.all_text_mode : TRUE

store.mongo.bson.record.reader : FALSE

store.mongo.read_numbers_as_double : FALSE

Once done refresh/restart and try once again by connecting from Helical Insight end.

Thank You
Team Helical.