Display Database Name on Datasources page

Hello Team,

I am using Enterprise Edition of Helical Insight. I have added the driver but I would like to customize the name which appears on the Data Sources page. For example I for Druid I am using “Add Driver” feature on Datasources Page. But, I can see the name as “Calcite Avatica”. How can I see “Druid” instead of this?

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Hello Navi,

The display names of the datasources are defined in a file named “DataSourcesList.groovy”. This file is present at the location
“… \hi\hi-repository\System\Admin\Static”
In order to change the display name, edit the DataSourcesList.groovy file. After line 200, you will find the conditions that are used to define the database name as visible on DataSources page.

Here, you can add more if else condition and customize the name which appears on the frontend.
For Example :

If (it.contains(“avatica”)){
	possibleName += it.replace(“avatica”, “Druid”)

Save the changes and refresh the datasources page. The name will be changed on the frontend.

Thank You
From Team Helical