Can we rename the docs folder? How to do that?

Hi Team,
I would like to rename the docs folder located at …/hi/apache-tomcat-7/webapps/
Will there be any problem if I rename the folder? Are there any other changes required?
Security Scan shows the following issue:
Below is the Error
The following default files were found :
12085 (21) - Apache Tomcat Default Files
The remote web server contains default files.
The server is not configured to return a custom page in the event of a client requesting a non-existent resource.
This may result in a potential disclosure of sensitive information about the server to attackers.
Delete the default index page and remove the example JSP and servlets. Follow the Tomcat or OWASP instructions to replace or modify the default error page.

Thank You

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Hello Kevin,

There are no files related to Helical Insight present in the docs folder.
You may rename or remove the folder without having any effect on the functioning of Helical Insight.
If you rename the folder from docs to dokument then the path to access it will change to


Thank You
Team Helical