SSO – default credentials

Hello Team,

I have implemented single sign on and using Helical Insight in embedded mode. I have noticed that the default email id that is passed in the token is []

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Hello Priya,

If you would also like to pass the email id also in the token the below syntax can be used. In pipe separator you can see towards the end you can also pass on the email id also.


If you do not pass email id in the token then automatically it will pickup the default email id which is present. The default email ID is defined in file present at the location C:\Helical Insight\apache-tomcat-7\webapps\hi\WEB-INF\classes

The contents of the file are as follows:

cipherAlgorithm = AES

cipherMode = ECB

cipherPadding = PKCS5Padding

cipherKey = HSpnzzfCLqrBn8Lk

defaultRole = ROLE_USER

defaultTimezone = IST

defaultCompany = HelicalInsight

defaultEmail =

The defaultEmail can be changed in this file.

However, there are no default I that are defined anywhere in the application which are passed in case the token generated does not have the credentials.

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Team Helical