Replace Error Message with No Data?

Hi Helical Team,
I have created a report but when there is no data it is giving me some error message. I want to customize this error message and display as “no data” in the place of error message.

Hello Anu,
Yes, we can customize the error message with "No Data"

  1. Open the file HICharts.js which is present at location
    C:\Program Files\Helical Insight\hi\apache-tomcat-7\webapps\hi-ee\js\vendors
  2. Find the following error message “There is some problem in the data or the configuration of the chart. Please check” and replace it with “No Data”.
  3. Save the file.
    Also if you want to disable background color of the error message (which is generally in light red color) you can do that too by using the following method:
    A. Open the file styles.css which is present at
    C:\Program Files\Helical Insight\hi\apache-tomcat-7\webapps\hi-ee\css
    B. Search for the “.alert-danger” class and comment it.
    C. Save the file.

Thank You,
Helical Team.

Similarly there are a lot of other messages also which are configured in the files present at the location like
“C:\Program Files\Helical Insight\hi\apache-tomcat-7\webapps\hi-ee\WEB-INF\jsp\errorPages”