jTDS driver for connecting database with Helical Insight

Can I use jTDS driver for connecting to database with HelicalInsight?
It is not in the drop down with available drivers, but maybe you can add it?

Hi Greyjoy,

The jTDS open source Java Data Source Connector for Sql server is JDBC 4 compliant. It means when the jar is placed in the System/Drivers directory, the driver should appear in the data source creation page drop down.

Please copy the jTDS jar and navigate to “{InstallationLocation of helical insight}/hi-repository/System/Drivers” directory and paste this driver there.

Since the jar file is JDBC 4 compliant, a new driver class “net.sourceforge.jtds.jdbc.Driver” will appear in the drop down list when a new data source is being created using the Adhoc Data Source creation page.