How to do sorting X-axis label?

I have weekday Sales Barchart. How to do sort the labels manually by Monday to Sunday?

Hi Hairagu,

Could you please share the screen shot of your bar chart which you have created for weekday sales. Based on the screen shot we can explain you how to sort the labels manually by Monday to Sunday. Also please let us know which database you are using for creating this report.

Thank you!!!

Hi Thanks for the reply,
I have used Csv as the Data source.

Hi Hairagu,

You can create one additional column (custom column) your adhoc report in Helical Insight application. In this column you can write Case statement for exmaple CASE when if day = Monday then ‘1’
else if day =tuesday then ‘2’ and so on. Now you can sort this particular custom column from 1 to 7 and it wll automatically sort your X axis labels.

Please refer below URLs for reference on how to create custom column :


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