Customize the loading awesomeness page

Hello Team Helical Insight,

I am using Helical Insight 4.0 EE. While the page loads in many cases a page appears which shows messages like “Loading awesomeness please wait”, “Your network might be slow”, “Heavy data on File browser”, “Something else might have happened” etc.
Refer to the below image. I would like to customize and edit these images and messages. Is that something which is possible. If yes how can it be done?

Thank you.

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Hello Navee,

There is a file called “slowLoad.jsp” and the path is "…\hi\apache-tomcat-7\webapps\hi-ee\WEB-INF\jsp\common"
All the text and images present in that page are mentioned here and its all purely HTML syntax, so the images text etc can be changed as per the need. After making changes server restart is also not required, you can simply try to view in a private window.

Thank You
From Team Helical